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Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients.
Manufactured in Australia, Vanessa Megan’s natural perfume draws on the power of natural extracts and oils. Vanessa Megan offers vegan, cruelty-free and organic products and works with suppliers that share the same morals and ethics.
Post-consumer waste plastics and glass materials are used as much as possible for product packaging. Vanessa Megan’s unit cartons are Polypropylene plastic-free and ingredients and employees are sourced locally.
Vanessa Megan donates to their local women’s domestic violence charity and endeavours to educate the community on natural, organic skincare ingredients and environmentally-friendly products.

What our experts say...

To me, the scent of jasmine signals the start of the spring and the shedding of winter layers, and this beautiful floral perfume does exactly that when wearing it. It is light and subtle, and the perfect accompaniment as we enter the awakening season of Spring. Love the use of organic, local, wild harvested ingredients and the brand’s efforts to reduce waste and give back to society.

– Emma Freeman

A breath of sweet, Spring air, it’s bursting with the smells of white flowers in the garden. The brand is local and considerate of carbon footprint as well as the ingredients and packaging.

– Sarah Berry

I loved the packaging and the aroma. Education around the impacts on toxic beauty products is incredibly important to me as there are so many products women use daily doing a lot of harm to our health and hormones. I love that Vanessa Megan are so passionate about sharing the WHY when it comes to natural and organic – a very important message for women.

– Courtney Dow

Delicately feminine and floral, there is something delightfully bewitching about this beautiful scent. (Though it does have a faint red tint, so be careful to apply and let dry before getting dressed!) This perfume perfectly celebrates Spring to me and I love floating around in its floral embrace. Highly recommended.

– Emily Fletcher

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