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Vanessa Megan – N.E.O. [Nature’s Elixir Oil] 12 Hour Miracle Oil


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, 100% organic ingredients. Includes organic seabuckthorn, pumpkin seed and argan oils.
Manufactured in Australia, Vanessa Megan’s products draw on the power of natural extracts and oils. They offer vegan, cruelty-free and organic products and work with suppliers that share the same morals and ethics.
Post-consumer waste plastics and glass materials are used as much as possible for product packaging. Vanessa Megan’s unit cartons are Polypropylene plastic-free and ingredients and employees are sourced locally.
Vanessa Megan donate to their local women’s domestic violence charity and endeavour to educate the community on natural, organic skincare ingredients and environmentally-friendly products.

What our experts say...

I love that this product is packed with a bunch of amazing skincare properties that make it a great one-stop-shop for people who don’t have the time or inclination to have an extensive skincare routine. After using the oil my skin always feels soft and hydrated, and after continued use the overall look of my skin is better as well, so I’m sure with long term use I’d see great results. I love that Vanessa Megan uses post consumer waste plastics where they can’t be avoided, as well as sourcing as many ingredients locally as they can. It was also great to hear that they employ Australian-based staff as I know there are many jobs these days that could be outsourced overseas.

– Ash Quinn

I adored the richness of this oil – I could immediately see why it’s named an “elixir” – and the deep colour and scent gave me a great sense of the quality of the oils within. The application – of mixing the elixir with oil – was unique and not something I’d done before, but I loved the emulsion texture as it was so soothing and hydrating on the skin. It’s a genius blend of ingredients that would make it perfect for any and all skin types and it leaves behind a really beautiful glow on the skin. Local manufacture and a passion for educating consumers are both elements of this category which resonate well with me personally. Prioritising education is admirable and speaks to the passion of the brand.

–Amy Starr

Packed full of purposefully chosen, carefully sourced, nutrient dense organic oils, this oil is both hydrating and restorative for my dry winter skin. I like to use this before bed as an ultra-light night oil and I love the healthy glow it gives me upon waking. I also love the scent – it very much transports me to an expensive day spa! Just gorgeous.

–Emily Fletcher

I love that this beautiful lightweight oil can be mixed with water when added to the face and neck (meaning a little goes a long way). It is a potent formulation absolutely packed with vitamins and minerals, is non-greasy, and can easily be applied underneath skincare and makeup. My skin glows with each application. Love the use of organic, local, wild harvested ingredients and the brand’s efforts to reduce waste and give back to society.

–Emma Freeman

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