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Vanilla Mozi – Bite-Proof Body Cream 250 ml



Introducing the Bite-Proof range, a revolutionary bug protection category. Unlike repellents, this unique formula hides users from bugs, without the use of DEET or pesticides.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients.
Vanilla Mozi uses vegan ingredients and never tests on animals to protect and care for animals. They use a contract manufacturer in Brisbane to ensure high-quality products and fair worker pay, and their tubes are made in Sydney for quality and fairness. Their dispatch centre is in Brisbane, and supporting Australian business is a high priority for the brand.
Vanilla Mozi has developed a sustainable product that aims to decrease the number of pesticides in the environment. The brand utilizes eco-friendly materials such as Sugar Cane and Recycled Plastic to make their tubes, while also adhering to sustainable packaging methods like cardboard boxes, paper sachets and brown paper to transport their products. Their suppliers are also located in Australia, which cuts down on freight and transport costs.
Vanilla Mozi supports a local charity called Sunshine Butterflies by providing them with bug-repelling products to keep their team and disabled members "bite-free" as they work in a bush area with many bugs.

Product reviews from our experts…


I was so excited to try this product merely for the incredible scent when I first opened the package – A pleasant vanilla & spearmint scent. An easy to apply, DEET FREE bite proof body cream which is pleasant to wear. The solution wasn’t greasy or slimy, in fact it dried quickly on the skin. I love that it is a product the whole family can use, that it avoids all the nasty ingredients found in most repellents and most importantly that it WORKS! For years I struggled to find a DEET free insect protection that works so I am so grateful to have found Vanilla Mozi!!

I value that Vanilla Mozi has developed a sustainable product that avoids adding additional pesticides and unnecessary toxic chemicals into the environment. I also appreciate that the company utilizes eco-friendly materials such as Sugar Cane and Recycled Plastic to make their tubes as well as their dedication to eco-friendly packaging solutions. Vanilla Mozi’s commitment to supporting local community initiatives is impressive!

–Zenaya Sol


As a non-DEET user it is always good to see more products in this market segment. It is particularly awesome to see innovation, clean ingredients and effectiveness! Clean ingredients are a must for me and my family, seeing businesses commit to a reduction of toxins on the land is also particularly heartening.

–Alena Turley


The concept of the product is great. We like the idea of a moisturiser that is also a mozzie repellent. We also think it’s so sweet that the brand donates to the cause Sunshine Butterflies for people out in the bush.

–Kirstie + Sarah

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