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Vasse Virgin – Kids Shampoo


Formulated from excellent non-toxic ingredients. Includes mandarin, lavender, geranium, chamomile and yarrow essential oils.
Vasse Virgin is an Australian made and owned brand who wherever possible purchases ingredients in Australia. The brand’s products are as natural as possible, with no artificial colours or fragrances (using essential oils instead) and are not tested on animals.
Vasse Virgin supports sustainable farming practices in their olive grove and has a zero waste policy for their manufacturing processes (including water). The brand’s PET/glass bottles and packaging boxes are recyclable. All paper and cardboard is recycled and recyclable packing is used for mail-orders, including compostable packaging beads.
Vasse Virgin supports a number of charities and good causes. The brand provides free products for the Telethon Kids team who are participating in the See, Treat, Prevent (SToP) Skin Sores and Scabies Trial. The SToP Trial aims to reduce the burden of skin infections in remote-living Aboriginal children of the Kimberley. The brand also provides the Ear Science Institute Australia, natural pure soap for them to use in medical trials to develop a replacement silk ear drum for Indigenous first nations kids who have had burst eardrums (still in trial stages). In addition, Vasse Virgin gives hampers and vouchers for local groups and charities to raise funds for local causes.

What our experts say...


This one is potentially my favourite in terms of formulation and scent! Also the good that Vasse Virgin does behind the scenes is amazing! Customers should be aware of the wonderful sustainable farming practices, green packaging options and charitable work that they do!

–Lee Sutherland


The Vasse Virgin kids shampoo contains mandarin, lavender, geranium, chamomile and yarrow essential oils and it smells amazing! It comes in an easy to use pump bottle which means the kids can manage their own showers easier. I love that this business supports local causes and indigenous related charities.

–Fiona Morouco


I love how quickly this lavender goodness lathers. It’s such a calming smell to fill the bathroom and the delightfully bubbliness of the bath water consistency brought great joy to the kids! It’s amazing that Vasse has managed to produce this product in a zero waste manufacturing process – what a feat! This brand is doing such amazing work for the community and the land we all enjoy.

–Veronica Milsom

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