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Vegamour – GRO Hair Serum



Vegamour’s GRO Hair Serum, a hair wellness solution, combats shedding and promotes thicker, fuller hair. Clinically tested and plant-based, it revitalizes lackluster hair and soothes the scalp for improved density and thickness. Made with clean, vegan ingredients, it yields visible results in just 90 days.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients including turmeric, bergamot and clover seed extract.
Vegamour is committed to using plant-based ingredients to create beauty products that are both healthy and sustainable. They work in partnership with their sister company, Southern Botanica, to provide economic opportunities for women in southern Africa through their Fair Trade initiative. Southern Botanica produces cold-pressed pharmaceutical-grade marula oil in partnership with independent, female-owned African small- and medium-sized enterprises and thousands of empowered women throughout Africa. The marula trees used for the oiling process are indigenous and wild-harvested without the use of agricultural chemicals like synthetic fertilisers or pesticides, to protect the environment and people working with the source trees and their fruit. All Vegamour products are cruelty and hormone-free and use vegan formulas.
Vegamour has created a sustainable supply chain using natural ingredients to ensure quality and efficacy. The brand focuses on four core pillars when developing its products: bioavailability, clean vegan ingredients, holistic hair wellness, and science-backed results. Vegamour utilizes bimolecular technology to optimize the efficiency of each plant-based ingredient and is committed to not using toxic chemicals that harm the environment or animals. Every product and ingredient work together holistically, considering all factors that contribute to hair health and beauty.
Vegamour is focused on achieving beauty without compromising health and sustainability. They have established fair-trade partnerships with communities that provide high-quality natural actives. Their sister company, Southern Botanica, has a strong Fair Trade initiative that provides economic opportunities to women in southern Africa. The communities that provide their ingredients have taught them how to work in harmony with nature.

Product reviews from our experts…


The pink and gold packaging is so beautiful! I love the clean, plant-based ingredients and the fact that my hair looked thicker when I use this serum in conjunction with my hair styling tools. I liked that it is a non-oily serum that can be used directly on the scalp or towel-dried hair.

Their fair trade initiatives and work in South Africa is also really great to see, especially in terms of assisting underprivileged women and communities.

–Neha Hobson


Specifically formulated to reduce signs of shedding, this hair serum is ideal for me, having recently suffered hair loss. Its sweet aroma, ease of application via a dropper and cooling effect on the scalp are all wonderful. While it’s still early to see major changes (a 90-day period is recommended), my initial experience is positive.

I’m also impressed by this company’s efforts to source ethically and support global communities.

–Emma Freeman


This is a perfect choice if you find hair oils too oily for you. This serum is easy to apply and work into the scalp without leaving your roots greasy.

It’s also cool to read that Vegamour works in partnership with their sister company, Southern Botanica, to provide economic opportunities for women in southern Africa through their Fair Trade initiative.

–Ash Quinn

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