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Vegan Chocolate Co – Hazelnut Bon Bons


Made from excellent ingredients including Fair Trade Couverture and 100% hazelnut paste. Vegan friendly.
The Vegan Chocolate Co. uses traceable cocoa, so the brand can ensure that everyone has been paid fairly and noone is being exploited. All products are manufactured locally in Sydney.
The bonbon packaging is made from cardboard, which is completely recyclable. The brand strives to use shredded paper and cardboard for packaging. In addition, The Vegan Chocolate Co. aims to use the most sustainable and high quality ingredients with the intention of doing what is good for all creatures and humans that roam this planet.
The Vegan Chocolate Co. has a small and select group of charities and schools that they support through donations of products, to bring awareness to their missions, such as the little oak sanctuary.

What our experts say...


These half sphere shaped bon bons are made up of a hazelnut paste ganache centre that is covered in a smooth, firm chocolate case and finished off with a gold-shimmer coat. The classic chocolate and nut flavour combination ensures these bite sized gems are both beautiful and delicious. As the name suggests, this entirely vegan chocolate company aims to hold themselves accountable through their products, considering both humans and animals alike. I think the brand’s use of traceable, fair trade cacao is particularly commendable.

–Dominique Scott


They were so SO yummy! One of the best little choccies I’ve had. Everyone loved the taste and texture, and they were gorgeous to look at, too. Wonderful, simple wholesome ingredients- will be buying these! The Vegan Chocolate Co has an amazing product with such simple, gorgeous ingredients – I love how small the list of ingredients is.

–Jade Woodd


They are rich, decadent and have the most delicious healthy nutella filling that just melts in your mouth. The environmentally friendly packaging is great. I love the simple ingredients and the beautiful gold dust on top. I love that they do charity work and support schools. Really big fan of their no plastic packaging approach.

–Caitlin Rule

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