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Vitale Wellness – ‘Relax Me’ Lavender & Cedarwood Pillow & Linen Mist



Vitale Wellness’ Relax Me Pillow & Linen Spray contains a calming blend of lavender and cedarwood, promoting an environment for restful sleep. A simple spritz on the pillow or bed offers relaxation.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients including lavender and cedarwood oils.
Vitale Wellness is an Australian owned brand that packages their products in Shepparton, Victoria and dispatches them from Madison, Victoria. They offer an EDTA-free and cruelty-free range of products that are Leaping Bunny Approved. All products, except for their soap bar, are vegan friendly and their range includes a lavender-mint infusion sourced from Connell Australasia Distributor for Takasago and cedarwood oil from Australian Botanical Products (ABP).
Vitale Wellness takes sustainable practices seriously. All of its products are locally manufactured to reduce their carbon footprint. The products are packaged in 100% recyclable shipping boxes and honeycomb Kraft Paper Wrap. Vitale uses recyclable PET bottles that customers can reuse as water bottles or miniature vases. The brand is also planning to offer 5L bottles for bulk orders to reduce wastage levels. Vitale Wellness is currently exploring new ways to further reduce its impact on the environment, such as offering refill options.
Vitale aims to be the most trusted brand at affordable prices and has worked with several charities and brands over the past year. They sponsor and donate to female events, collaborate with local Australian businesses and are also looking for ways to give back to the community, including working with a charity and donating a portion of their sales. Notably, they have worked with FemmeCon on two occasions, gifting their products to the attendees.

Product reviews from our experts…


I love the ritual of spraying the linen – it adds such an element of luxury to the bedtime routine. Having the smell waft around the room when I made the bed in the mornings made me feel as though the house was clean (even when it wasn’t) – what a delight!

Local manufacture is always hugely impressive, because consumers (and I) know how much more labour intensive it can be to facilitate manufacture at home. Any kind of official accreditation also adds depth to ethical responsibility.

–Amy Starr


The scent! It’s lovely, very relaxing, not overpowering and the lavender is very calming. I love their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint with manufacturing and packaging. I also love the idea of offering refill options to reduce packaging needs even further.

–Emma Meyer


I like the use of clean ingredients and the packaging used. I like that the product is locally manufactured, that all products are cruelty free and packaged using recyclable packaging. I also like how the brand works with charities.

–Crystal Larissa

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