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Wanderlightly – Calm + Soothe Bath Salts


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes magnesium, dried chamomile, lavender and calendula petals.
Wanderlightly sources organic ingredients from local or Australia-based companies that support fair trade and ethical working practices. Their supply chain is transparent and well-researched, and regenerative farming and Indigenous practices are favoured and chosen where possible.
The Calm + Soothe Bath Salts packaging tins are 100% reusable or infinitely recyclable via kerbside recycling. Labels have been printed sustainably using 100% recycled, non-chlorine bleached, alternative fibre papers, organic-based non-toxic inks and solar power. Wanderlightly produces their skincare in small batches to avoid overproduction and any damaged items are sold at discounted prices so as not to waste those resources. All goods are shipped 100% plastic-free in recycled/repurposed packaging using a carbon-neutral carrier.
Wanderlightly’s sole purpose is to empower and inspire others to reduce their waste footprint through connection, DIY workshops and by offering natural, ethical and affordable products that support everyday lifestyle without costing the Earth. 5% of sale profits are donated to conservation initiatives such as One Tree Planted and several sustainability workshops are run or gifted to charity organisations.

What our experts say...

The camomile and calendula petals, the smoky quartz and magnesium salts all add to a luxe, soothing and beautifully-scented bath. With plastic-free, reusable packaging and a considered manufacturing process, I love that Wanderlightly also help others to enhance their everyday without costing the earth.

–Sarah Berry

A lot of love has gone into creating the Calm + Soothe Bath Salts. From the handwritten note added to the box they came in (explaining how to dispose of their bio packaging), to the instruction on how to charge the crystal that sits within this delicious and fragrant blend. This is a wonderful product to incorporate into a self care routine (especially in lockdown!). Social responsibility, sustainability and minimising waste are evidently at the core of Wanderlightly’s ethos.

– Niccii Kugler

Opening the jar, I loved the scent of essential oils that have been blended with the salts. The dried flower petals make the bath feel so special and it was wonderfully relaxing to soak in this blend. I love the thought that has gone into the production of this blend and the philosophy of the business.

–Fiona Morouco

A beautiful natural soak which has a calming light chamomile and lavender scent from the gorgeous flowers bobbing around, as well as essential oils. Combined with the magnesium, it gives the ultimate wind down and I floated out of this bath like I’d just had a massage! I really admire Wanderlightly for how active they are in community education on sustainability, hosting and participating in workshops regularly.

–Emily Fletcher

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