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wanderlightly – PAMPER Face clay mask


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes organic cacao powder, natural Kaolin clay, sweet orange & carrot oil.
Wanderlightly keeps their ingredients simple and only uses what is needed (no fillers). The skincare range is 100% vegan, not tested on animals, palm oil free, cruelty free, toxin-free and preservative free. New ingredients are researched to establish that they are sustainable and will not be harmful to the earth, opting for organic/pesticide-free and Australian grown/produced ingredients where possible. If Ingredients are sourced overseas the brand ensures companies have fair work/trade and regenerative farming practices in place. Wanderlightly have a 100% transparent supply chain and are proud of the suppliers they have sourced.
Wanderlightly makes small batches to keep a low inventory to ensure less waste. Labels are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper using non-toxic inks that are also free from plastic covers and laminates. The brand chooses glass or aluminium packaging for their reusable and recyclable properties and paperboard tubes as they are 100% plastic-free with a plant-based lining and can be home composted or recycled after use. The brand works with their suppliers to ensure they pack without plastic and use recyclable packaging materials that can be reused (including ingredient tubs). Any plastics that cannot be avoided are recycled and carbon neutral shipping is used.
Wanderlightly gives 5% of all sales and workshops to support earth initiatives such as One Tree Planted. The brand also supports and works with local councils and charities like Living Ocean, Seaside scavenge, Take 3 for the Sea with local clean-up events or workshops to educate people about how they can reduce their waste They also run regular workshops with the community, online and with corporate clients on embracing an imperfect low waste way to live.

What our experts say...


This product applies beautifully and dries quickly, the predominant smell is cocoa, I can see how people love this sweet smell. My skin feels super clean and bright after use, I used it on my teenager as well and his skin was deeply cleansed. We share the same charity of one tree planted, I love how they repurposed packaging and minimise outer packaging and print runs!

–Carla King-Turner


Firstly I love how low waste the packaging of this mask is! It smells absolutely delicious and was fun to use. My skin felt refined afterwards. I love this brand’s commitment to reducing their impact where they can, including when it comes to their packaging as this can often be a big area of waste with a lot of brands. They give back to the community and have transparency around their supply chains etc.

–Ash Quinn


I love it when you can tell that a mask works instantly and with this one you can! You can see the oils that it draws out before your eyes but it still left my skin hydrated post use. Sarah’s story really resonates with me and I think her range is a reflection of her strong sustainability values!

–Lottie Dalziel

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