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Wash Bloc – Conditioner Bloc with Coconut & Vanilla


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes coconut and argan oils, cupuaçu and cocoa butter.
Wash Bloc chooses to manufacture all their products in Australia using non-toxic ingredients that are naturally derived. The brand emphasises the importance of finding ingredients that are effective whilst also being safe for the consumer and the natural environment.
Wash Bloc is a strictly zero plastic business, which produces products that are biodegradable and 100% waste free. The brand uses biodegradable mailers and compostable packaging across their supply chain and their office is run in a zero-waste manner. Wash Bloc’s whole mission is to eliminate plastic packaging from personal care products.
Wash Bloc donates to Sea Trees, an organisation that works on reforesting the ocean. The founder also speaks at schools and offers help to students to find their purposeful path in life through the organisation: Purposeful.

What our experts say...


This plastic-free conditioner bloc smells good enough to eat. Yum! The coconut and vanilla aroma had me dreaming of an island vacay. This block is easy to use and lathers well for a solid conditioner block. It also leaves the hair soft, sweet smelling and nourished without being greasy. I love Wash Bloc’s commitment to eliminating waste, creating clean, non-toxic products and donating back to a fantastic cause like Sea Trees.

–Niccii Kugler


What I loved about Wash Bloc – conditioner Bloc is that the conditioner gently nourished my hair and left it feeling balanced and healthy. I have a soft spot for coconut scent, and was pleasantly surprised that I could smell the extract when conditioning my hair. I’ll be using this again and again for sure. You can tell not only from Wash Bloc’s social media, but also from their detailed website that they are invested in making an impact on our planet.

–Petria Leggo- Field


One of these nifty little bars saves three plastic bottles – a lot of bang for buck here without the cost to the environment. I love their mission to eliminate plastic waste from personal care products.

–Sarah Berry

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