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Washed Movement – Enrich Care Refill


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes argan, jojoba, grapeseed and orange oils.
Washed Movement’s products are created in Melbourne (Australia) by a female owned, small chemistry business. The brand's ingredients have been selected because they are ocean safe, biodegradable and break down readily in the environment.When batches are shipped from Melbourne to Tasmania, the brand uses a local freight company that employs many people within the community. In addition, they only use local, sustainable businesses to produce recycled card stock and advertising material. The above considerations ensure everyone in the chain of production is being compensated fairly with good working conditions in accordance with Australian standards.
Washed Movement works on a circular business model - a closed loop refill system where customers start by buying a starter pack, which includes refills and glass and silicone ‘forever bottles’. They are then guided to keep their bottles and buy refills to fill them. When they have collected a bunch of refill pouches, they can then send them back to the brand in reply (paid for) mailers to be cleaned and reused by Washed Movement. The brand also utilises card stock made from recycled materials and sustainable vegetable based inks as well as recyclable cardboard packaging and boxes/box filling, compostable tape and stickers and recyclable glass bottles. Anything that cannot be reused within their business is recycled through terracycle and given new life.
Washed Movement gives 20% of their profits to ocean conservation and educating the next generation on protecting our earth. The brand aims to become carbon neutral by teaming up with a tree planting organisation to counteract their footprint from creating and shipping products. In addition, they have supported a few up and coming local artists and designers in creating their brand.

What our experts say...


A beautifully packaged, circular and luxurious conditioner. I love that Enrich Care is non-toxic, ocean-safe, super nourishing. It left my hair feeling incredibly soft and light. I was really impressed by Washed Movement’s commitment to reducing waste with their circular model. There is so much consideration given to all aspects of their supply chain, packaging and more. There is a demonstrated commitment to delivering on this promise now and improving on it in the future which is really impressive. Their focus on supporting other local and sustainable businesses also resonated with me.

–Niccii Kugler


I absolutely loved using the Washed movement conditioner, it made my hair feel so nice and smooth, it had a beautiful shine and gave my hair an uplifting boost feeling that my hair doesn’t usually have.I found the scent of wild orange and vanilla delicious, and the lather was rich and softening. I have a value of Trust, and everything that I have researched about Washed Movement has led me to trust this brand. I truly believe they have the world at their heart and I give a special gold star to brands that have a Circular business model. A model that EVERY SINGLE business should be working towards.

–Petria Leggo- Field


For hair that looks and smells delicious, I’m a big fan. They are committed to ethics, sustainability and the environment on every level of production.

–Sarah Berry

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