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Waste Free Celebrations – Christmas Re-crackers


GOLD + Editor’s Choice

These reusable snap-open containers offer a long-lasting alternative to disposables. They are machine washable and designed to endure for years, providing the convenience of disposables without any waste.

Made from excellent materials. Fabric: 100% cotton, ribbon: 100% recycled milk bottles.
Waste Free Celebrations produces crackers made by Afghan refugees in New Zealand who face obstacles to entering the workforce such as language, lack of education and skills, as well as transport and childcare. The brand pays a living wage to all of its staff.
Waste Free Celebrations offers a sustainable product that is both recycled and reusable. The ribbon is made of 100% recycled milk bottles, and the tubes are 60% recycled paper. They are the first reusable cracker in the market.
Waste Free Celebrations employs Afghan refugee sewing staff who face challenges in entering the workforce. Each of their filler packs includes a $3 donation token to the Starship Foundation, which has raised $5,230 in their first year and $8,000 in their second year. They hope to raise over $10,000 in 2023.

Product reviews from our experts…


Stunning, reusable Christmas Crackers made from recycled milk bottles and paper – a true Christmas miracle! I love that these sizable crackers are wrapped in beautiful fabric and can be personally filled each year. The brand also has a specialised filler pack available that includes eco-friendly gifts, jokes and the “snaps” that give crackers their festive reputation!

I am so impressed that Waste Free Celebrations is creating reusable, eco-friendly replacements for the ever so wasteful ‘standard Christmas cracker’. I also greatly respect that the brand employs Afghan refugees in New Zealand, who would otherwise face obstacles to entering the workforce.

–Dominique Scott


These are the most beautifully crafted and sewn reusable Christmas crackers. The fabric is amazing – soft and beautifully printed with lovely designs. Assembling them is easy and the gifts to put inside are great. These will be a treasured reusable Christmas item for many years to come! I am also impressed by this brand’s amazing help to refugees and the sustainable components of the product.

–Corrine Sultana


Everything! The packaging. The crackers come in a gorgeous sturdy box that can be used for years and years! The crackers themselves are really beautifully made and are big enough to fill with all sorts of goodies. We especially love the subscription service for re-fills. Set and forget!

Christmas time can be a really tricky time to navigate with the values vs consumerism push & pull. These crackers allow the tradition of a table laden with Christmas crackers without the guilt of adding to landfill. The support for refugees by purchasing these products is also a good reminder of the spirit of Christmas. A time for giving. 

–Jessica McLeod

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