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Wattle Grove Eucalyptus Oil – 100% Pure Eucalyptus Oil


Formulated from 100% pure distilled Eucalyptus oil.
Wattle Grove uses 100% natural, plant derived, steam distilled pharmaceutical grade eucalyptus oil. All of the brand’s products are 100% Australian made (South Australia) and are not tested on animals.
Wattle Grove uses amber glass bottle packaging that is recyclable, 100% recycled, recyclable, and compostable FSC paper hex wrap, HEROBUBBLE compostable padded mailers, kraft packing tape used for postage and labels produced with FSC Certified paper, soy based ink and are compostable & recyclable. Where possible, they deliver stock to suppliers in purpose boxes that are reused so there is no extra boxes or packaging needed or wasted. The brand strives to ensure there is no waste in their production process. Their biomass ( steam pressed mulch which is produced after distilling oil) is sold to landscapers, councils, schools and the water used is recycled through tanks. The water that does overflow is collected and used as eucalyptus hydrosol to clean floors.
Wattle Grove often donates to local communities to help raise funds for needed charities or fundraisers. The brand also donates a lot of firewood, mulch & eucalyptus oil to people in their community.

What our experts say...


Wattle Grove have distilled a fantastic, pure Australian grown eucalyptus oil. It is clean and clear with a wonderful fragrance. It is very versatile! I used it for both aromatherapy and cleaning purposes. I was really pleased to see that the waste products have been creatively and effectively used. This is a sustainability and community focussed organisation!

–Corrine Sultana


This oil is very powerful – a few drops on a steaming bucket clears my airways wonderfully! It also gives me peace of mind knowing it’s made from 100% eucalyptus oil. OK I’m a big fan of mulch and have used a lot of it in many ways for the garden. It’s really wonderful and amusing that this love of biomass and my occasional need for distilled eucalyptus oil can go hand in hand in a product. That is a match made in heaven! I’m also quite impressed with the various water-saving projects Wattle Grove has been involved in.

–Ria Andriani


This pure Eucalyptus oil is essential for every home. Not only does the oil have a variety of possible uses across the household, it is also associated with a plethora of health benefits. The powerful aromatics of this particular oil are a testament to the excellent quality and authentic nature of the product. I love how community focused Wattle Grove are and that the production of their Eucalyptus oil is fully sustainable and waste free.

–Dominique Scott

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