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Wattle Grove Eucalyptus Oil – Intelligence Surface Spray 500mls



This surface spray features eucalyptus oil with antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties. This product effectively cleans and leaves a lasting fresh scent on hard surfaces like kitchen counters, bathroom fixtures, car interiors, leather, stone, windows and mirrors. Regular use can help reduce bacteria count in your home.

Formulated from excellent clean ingredients. Includes eucalyptus oil and Certified organic orange and peppermint oils.
Wattle Grove Eucalyptus Oil is an Australian brand that uses ethically sourced essential oils and does not engage in child labour. Their surface spray is produced with environmentally friendly ingredients and they only make small batches to avoid waste.
Wattle Grove Eucalyptus Oil prioritises sustainability by using recyclable packaging such as rPET bottles and 99% recycled Kraft Paper Tape, as well as avoiding harsh chemicals and ingredients that could harm the environment and sensitive individuals. They also offer a 1 litre Intelligence Surface Spray Refill to reduce single-use waste.
Wattle Grove Eucalyptus Oil donates to community events and charities whenever asked, showing a commitment to social responsibility.

Product reviews from our experts…


I’m so impressed with the performance of the Wattle Grove Eucalyptus Oil Intelligent Surface Spray. It cuts through grease so easily in the kitchen, de-grimes the shower and leaves mirrors and windows streak free. The scent is uplifting and revitalising – makes cleaning that bit more enjoyable!

This eco cleaning product is artisan in the true sense. Made in small batches in regional Australia it punches above its weight in performance and quality. The 1L refill option is a more sustainable purchase option for repeat customers (which I’m sure are many!).

–Laura Trotta


The beautiful smell is the first thing you notice. The trigger nozzle is really easy to use and the spray cleans perfectly, leaving a fresh, clean smell behind!

I also love the idea of small batches to avoid waste. The ethically sourced and organic ingredients are appreciated. The recycled bottle and the fact that ingredients are sourced in Australia is also admirable.

–Amelia Davatzis


Great smelling surface spray that worked well on everything it tackled! I also like that they are an all Australian focused brand.

–Corrine Sultana

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