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We Might Be Tiny – Freeze & Bake Poddies


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. High quality FDA & LFGB approved food-grade silicone.
We Might Be Tiny’s manufacturing process is ISO9001 compliant and regularly audited for labour standards, health, safety, environmental and business ethics. They actively encourage customer feedback on products for their implementation and will always refund or replace a product if a customer is not 100% happy with their purchase.
We Might Be Tiny choose recyclable over single-use, seafreight over airfreight and silicone as the naturally-derived material to set them apart. They are soon launching a return-to-recycle program as well as a carbon offset option at checkout. We Might Be Tiny encourage remote work for their team to reduce travel and operate in a relatively paperless office.
We Might Be Tiny donate a portion of their monthly proceeds to the Australian Conservation Foundation, regularly contribute to local fundraisers and support Australia small businesses through their wholesale program.

What our experts say...

Very cute design which has multiple uses both for hot and cold. My boys really enjoyed being involved in the making process and we had a lot of fun experimenting with different ways we could use the mould. The lid was a really clever aspect keeping everything neat and able to be stored easily in the freezer etc.

I loved how open ended the product is and how it encourages the reusing of products rather than single use.

– Mikaela Hanson

The first thing that always strikes me about We Might Be Tiny products is the exceptional quality of the material used. Created to last and with a lid that seals around every individual pod, the diversity of uses is limitless. With large enough compartments to create a lunchbox sized snack rather than a bite sized one, this has been so useful in making frittatas, ricotta cakes and baked treats for school and picnics. Easy to clean and so conveniently able to put in both the oven and freezer. My children are delighted with the cute shapes and I’m delighted that they’re eating their vegetables and reaching for more!

– Emily Fletcher

Oooh the excitement when we made our first tray of frozen poddies! The kids loved choosing different liquids for different animals – juice and berries for bunnies, coconut milk and grapes for cats… after they’d frozen, the kids shared them with our neighbours’ kids. What a treat!

I appreciate that the product has been manufactured ethically and is zero waste.

– Emma Freeman

The kids love the little cat/rabbit/bear shapes that it holds and I love the silicone flexibility. I like that they donate and help others with wholesale/small businesses.

– Shara Osorio

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