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We Might Be Tiny – Stickie Bowl


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. High quality FDA & LFGB approved food-grade Silicone.
We Might Be Tiny’s manufacturing process is ISO9001 compliant and regularly audited for labour standards, health, safety, environmental and business ethics. They actively encourage customer feedback on products for their implementation and will always refund or replace a product if a customer is not 100% happy with their purchase.
We Might Be Tiny choose recyclable over single-use, seafreight over airfreight and silicone as the naturally-derived material to set them apart. They are soon launching a return-to-recycle program as well as a carbon offset option at checkout. We Might Be Tiny encourages remote work for their team to reduce travel and operate in a relatively paperless office.
We Might Be Tiny donate a portion of their monthly proceeds to the Australian Conservation Foundation, regularly contribute to local fundraisers and support Australia small businesses through their wholesale program.

What our experts say...

My daughter loved her bowl from first sight! It’s adorable bear shape brings another element of joy to meal time. I must say the strength of the suction on the bottom of the bowl is impressive – there’s no way this bowl (and its contents) is ending up on the floor. Non toxic and safely washable in the dishwasher are much appreciated bonuses!

The intention behind this product – creating an effective and attractive bowl for our little ones that has the added benefit of being a ‘container’ for storing food in the fridge etc… resonates with how I choose products: having multiple uses that lasts and lasts.

– Melissa Mai

So many things to love about this adorable bowl! Not only does it look gorgeous and is made from the highest quality stain proof silicone, it’s got an ultra wide suction base which gives a really strong hold. With high curved sides, learning to use a spoon is so much easier as food naturally falls back onto the spoon as it is lifted up the side. My favourite feature though is the lid as it makes my own life easier as I can pack the bowl in a lunch bag or away in the fridge without worrying about additional storage containers. Highly recommended.

– Emily Fletcher

The sticky bowl product was a really great idea. I think it would be so useful for babies who are always throwing their food from the highchair as it is actually so sticky and works so well. And of course the natural materials are a big win. A company who really cares about every little detail it seems.

–Amanda Callan

Beautiful design and great size for baby meals. Suction works well and the lid is a great option to keep leftovers. Great to see the use of sustainable practices.

–Larissa Tedesco

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