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Weleda – Calendula Face Cream


Formulated from excellent non-toxic, mostly organic or biodynamic ingredients. Contains organic sesame and almond oils and organic calendula flower extract.* *This product contains almond and sesame seed oil. If you have a baby/child with a high risk of a food allergy or eczema, it is not recommended to use this product until they are eating these foods in their diet and show no allergy. Studies have shown a link between the application of a potential food allergen repeatedly onto the skin and food allergen sensitisation. This increases the potential for severe food allergic reactions when the food is actually eaten. This is especially relevant for a child with a high risk of food allergy and also those with eczema.
Every Weleda natural skincare product is certified with the ‘Sourcing with Respect’ Union for Ethical Bio Trade (UEBT) label and certified natural by the strict criteria of NATRUE. The company is also animal cruelty-free.
Through organic cultivation of nearly 248 km2 worldwide, Weleda is taking active measures to improve soil health and conserve biodiversity. Weleda has the largest medicinal plant garden in Europe – home to over 1,000 different plant, bird and bee species. The company also uses 100% renewable energy at its production facilities and 98% of the waste generated here is reused.
Weleda has over 50 cultivation partners (fair trade partnerships) located all over the world with whom they work actively to address specific difficulties in country areas by funding education and facilities. Weleda supports Treesisters and pledges to plant one million trees to help combat climate change. They also support Carbon8 to help transition Aussie farmers to regenerative agriculture.

What our experts say...

The Weleda Calendula Face Cream has a beautiful scent and is very moisturising. And overall I am just a big fan of Weleda (and their founder Rudolf Steiner) and feel safe knowing they operate in the highest standards and a deep care for the planet. My face cream arrived in a recyclable box and biodegradable peanuts for protection!

Weleda hold themselves to a very high standard, and have established themselves as a leader in sustainable skincare/beauty for 100 years. This shows commitment and integrity in their mission and purpose. Every part of the process of this business is ethical.

– Melissa Mai

Quite possibly my favourite face cream in the world! It is so good that our entire family uses it every day. It is so light, smells beautiful, absorbs quickly and leaves the skin so soft without an oily feeling. I am simply obsessed!

I am so impressed by Weleda’s efforts in creating fair working conditions and positively impacting the communities of the people who work with the land to harvest the amazing natural ingredients used in their products, and especially delighted to see they are 100% UEBT certified. Holding Europe’s largest medicinal garden as well as supporting Treesisters with the pledges to plant one million trees, is an amazing commitment to our planet. And lastly learning they are 80% organic is a tremendous achievement in my eyes and I feel so proud to support such a devoted and heartfelt brand.

– Teodora Tinc

My son has eczema and when he was young I hadn’t realised the trick to managing it was moisturising repeatedly (6-8 times a day!) Whilst we mainly use the mallow version in our house, I love this too, which is a bit thicker and even more moisturising. Perfect for red, dry cheeks in winter and dribble rash. It always heals right up for us with this cream within days.

–Emily Fletcher

Nice and gentle smell. Great packaging. Incredible work in implementing sustainable practices for sourcing ingredients and lovely to see the initiatives to fight climate change.

– Larissa Tedesco

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