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Weleda – Lavender Relaxing Body Oil


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes lavender, sesame and sweet almond oils.
Every Weleda natural skincare product is certified with the ‘Sourcing with Respect’ Union for Ethical Bio Trade (UEBT) label and certified natural by the strict criteria of NATRUE. The company is also animal cruelty-free.
Through organic cultivation of nearly 248 km2 worldwide, Weleda is taking active measures to improve soil health and conserve biodiversity. Weleda has the largest medicinal plant garden in Europe – home to over 1,000 different plant, bird and bee species. The company also uses 100% renewable energy at its production facilities and 98% of the waste generated here is reused.
Weleda has over 50 cultivation partners (fair trade partnerships) located all over the world with whom they work actively to address specific difficulties in country areas by funding education and facilities. Weleda supports Treesisters and pledges to plant one million trees to help combat climate change. They also support Carbon8 to help transition Aussie farmers to regenerative agriculture.

What our experts say...

This lovely, nourishing body oil is easy to apply using the pump applicator. Scented with lavender oil, applying this body oil after an evening bath or shower is a wonderfully relaxing self care ritual. As a global skincare brand, Weleda has set a high standard by embracing organic farming, waste reduction (through production), renewable energy and big efforts to combat climate change.

– Emma Freeman

Weleda rarely gets it wrong. So when I see the brand I feel confident I’ll be getting a product that smells good, is good for the earth and my skin and works. The relaxing body oil was no different and soaked in easily, leaving a not-at-all mumsy scent of lavender. Sourced with respect, Weleda is one of the leaders world-wide in creating sustainable, ethical beauty.

– Sarah Berry

This is a beautiful subtle body oil that soaks in quickly and leaves my skin shiny without any stickiness. The lavender smell is quite intense at first but then it settles into a soft smell that is calming. I appreciate the amount of effort this company goes to in terms of sourcing ethical and quality ingredients – it’s obvious that they really care when it comes to sustainability and ethical business.

– Lucy E Cousins

This body oil plays the hero role in my ultimate self-care, de-stress and wind down routine. Thick, rich and ultra-nourishing, it has a full bodied lavender scent which enables its powerful aromatherapy to also relax my mind and induce calm. I also love to rub some on my children’s backs after a bath and find they sleep so incredibly well afterwards. Highly recommended.

– Emily Fletcher

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