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Weleda – Nipple Balm



Developed with midwives and pharmacists, this fragrance-free nipple balm soothes and protects sore nipples, cracked skin and chafing. Safe for both mum and baby, it contains organic calendula extract and does not require removal before breastfeeding.

Formulated with excellent clean, mostly organic ingredients including organic calendula extract.
Weleda products are made from quality natural raw materials sourced through organic cultivation, covering almost 248 km2 across the world in order to improve soil health and conserve biodiversity. Every product from the natural skincare range is certified with the ‘Sourcing with Respect’ Union for Ethical BioTrade label and NATRUE certified for quality standards in raw material production and procurement. Weleda is one of only two brands globally to receive the UEBT Sourcing with Respect logo certification, with additional ethical actions including funding education and fair conditions for farming partners while avoiding animal testing altogether.
Weleda has multiple sustainability initiatives and certifications. The brand uses over 80% of botanicals from organic farming and has a large medicinal plant garden in Europe. Weleda has also received the UEBT certification "Sourcing with Respect" and maintains over 50 long-term organic farming partnerships throughout the world. Additionally, the brand's production facilities in Switzerland, Germany, and France use 100% renewable energy and 98% of waste generated during production is reused. Weleda aligns its sustainability goals with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and is a certified B Corp brand.
Weleda has over 50 ethical sourcing partnerships for the cultivation of plants that form the basis of its natural skin care products, including farming enterprises, cooperation projects, and collectors of traditional plants. The brand prioritises dialogue with its partners and follows the social, economic and ecological criteria of the UEBT. Weleda works to address specific difficulties faced by farming partners, such as funding education and facilities in rural areas. Additionally, Weleda supports Carbon8 in transitioning Australian farmers to regenerative agriculture and rebuilding the carbon in their soil.

Product reviews from our experts…


I love that this nipple balm is fragrance free and contains organic calendula extract. In my spare time I enjoy studying herbal materia medica and the benefits of the calendula flower as a healing herb is the perfect choice for a chafed nipple! The ingredients were the shining star in this product. Once I read the ingredients, I was automatically excited to test this product out and as I expected in performance it delivered excellent results.

I am impressed that Weleda’s sustainable statement quotes that “80% of their botanicals are from organic farming which is sourced from over 50 long-term organic farming partnerships throughout the world”. This displays a commitment to organic sourcing which in hand has a positive impact to our planet via improving soil health and conserving biodiversity. I love to support brands that champion organic farming practices as it is high in my values to support brands that look after our soil and land!

–Renee Carpenter


Weleda is always trustworthy and this is a lovely balm. I also love that it’s been developed by midwives and pharmacists!

–Dee Zibara


I liked the consistency of the balm, it was more like a cream I found, which I had never really used on my nipples until I had tried this. Weleda is an incredible brand that has built its entire foundations around sustainability and creating beautiful products. I love the weleda brand and use it within our household regularly!

–Keira Rumble

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