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Weleda – Shower Bar – Ginger + Petitgrain



The zero waste home compostable Hand & Body Bar is infused with hydrating ingredients such as Olive Oil and Coconut Oil. Its signature blend of oils, ‘Into the Ocean’, contains petitgrain, spearmint, juniper berry and lemon tea tree to cleanse and hydrate, offering antibacterial qualities. One bar is equivalent to five bottles of liquid soap.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients.
Weleda products are made from quality natural raw materials sourced through organic cultivation, covering almost 248 km2 across the world in order to improve soil health and conserve biodiversity. Every product from the natural skincare range is certified with the ‘Sourcing with Respect’ Union for Ethical Bio Trade label and NATRUE certified for quality standards in raw material production and procurement. Weleda is one of only two brands globally to receive the UEBT Sourcing with Respect logo certification, with additional ethical actions including funding education and fair conditions for farming partners while avoiding animal testing altogether.
Weleda is 100% NATRUE certified and uses over 80% of all botanicals from organic farming. Their raw materials are organically cultivated on around 248 square kilometres worldwide and they maintain over 50 long-term organic farming partnerships throughout the world. Weleda has the largest medicinal plant garden in Europe where over 1,000 different plant species and around 50 different bird species are found. Weleda is also a certified B Corp brand and scored 106.9 points out of 80 for their high standards and values anchored in their corporate bylaws. They also align their sustainability goals with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.
Weleda has over 50 cultivation partners around the world, including farming enterprises, cultivation projects, cooperatives and collectors of traditional plants, with a focus on creating fair conditions for those who work with the earth and harvest the plants for the brand's natural skin care products. The brand follows strict social, economic, and ecological criteria of the UEBT and actively works with individual farming partners to fund education and facilities in rural areas. Weleda also supports Carbon8 in helping Australian farmers transition to regenerative agriculture and rebuild the organic matter in their soil.

Product reviews from our experts…


What a way to wake up with this vibrant citrus body bar. I loved the smoothness and shape that hugs the contours of your body as it glides over skin. I felt clean and awake after using this plus my skin was left squeaky clean, and was even gentle enough to use on my face as a double cleanse after using my oil cleanser.

Such a global company with global sized ethical, sustainable and socially responsible efforts – they are making tracks for clean beauty and I admire them for every initiative particularly their future focus approaches for sustainability.

–Amy Hughes


I really like the shape of this solid body wash – it’s like a traditional soap so it feels nice in your hands and is easy to produce a lather. It left my skin feeling so soft and smooth!

I like the focus on natural, organic plant-based ingredients and that Weleda supports 50 farms in doing so. I also appreciate that part of the social responsibility is based in Australia and Australian farms.

–Lucy Cousins


I adore this zingy shower bar – it makes me feel like I’m somewhere exotic every time I use it. It smells fabulous and I love that there is no plastic bottle leftover at the end. I also respect Weleda’s ethical approach and social responsibility efforts. They are integrated into who they are as a brand and it’s one of the reasons I seek out their products.

–Sarah Berry

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