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Wild Indiana – Go by Wild Indiana


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. High-quality FDA approved food-grade Silicone. Cotton canvas bag.
Manufactured in China, the Wild Indiana bowl is made of BPA-Free, FDA approved silicone. Their manufacturers meet workplace safety standards and maintain regular and open contact with Wild Indiana during the key production phase.
Products are shipped in brown honeycomb-filled cardboard boxes with light tissue paper and recyclable product cards.
Wild Indiana supports Mountain of Joy to help families in need during a crisis and regularly donate vouchers, hampers, products and support services to new mums doing it tough.

What our experts say...

Wild Indiana has found a perfect solution for eating on the go, or simple eating anywhere outside the home! This waterproof pouch is big enough to pop in dummies to keep them clean and snacks. Every time I leave the house with my baby, this comes with me! It’s also easy to clean and non-toxic.

I love that Wild Indiana uses their business, their products and profit to support their local communities and many worthy causes. Hiring Mums is very cool too – not only offering them jobs that suit their lifestyle but having the ‘understanding and relatability’ of products designed by Mums, sold by Mums, for Mums.

– Melissa Mai

Starting solids is such a big shift and as a mum we have so many things we’ve got to remember when we rush out the door. I love that this beautiful set means that everything needed for mealtime on the go is together and it’s one less thing to worry about. Perfect for baby led weaning with both a bib to protect clothes and catch food and also a mat to arrange food on. Such a lifesaver for bringing a baby to a café and not wanting them to eat food off a public table. I love that the carry case is waterproof so everything can be packed back inside at the end.

– Emily Fletcher

Such a beautiful set and I love that it was created by a mum out of a real need for something that she didn’t have and to try and eliminate the single use plastic. I can really feel the care and time it has taken to develop these products and they’re so easy to use. So amazing – what a thoughtful brand.

–Amanda Callan

Love this product. Such a clever design and great usability. Perfect for eating out in a wide range of settings. Great to see the responsible use of resources and support to local communities.

–Larissa Tedesco

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