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Woohoo Body – ‘You Crack Me Up’ Lip Balm


GOLD + Editor’s Choice

Introducing an unscented lip balm, providing long-lasting moisture and protection for dry, chapped lips. Its smooth, buttery formula ensures hours of relief. The packaging is sustainable, made from compostable cardboard.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients, including Certified organic macadamia and castor oils with shea butter.
Woohoo Body is committed to ethical practices, including choosing Fair Trade ingredients whenever possible and avoiding purchasing packaging or ingredients from countries that use child labour. The brand uses packaging suppliers with appropriate ISO accreditations and is certified Vegan and Cruelty Free by PETA and Safe Cosmetics Australia. All manufacturing is done in-house at its own warehouse in Newcastle, NSW, where the small team is treated ethically with benefits and above award wages.
Woohoo Body has a strong focus on minimizing plastic and aims to help people achieve a plastic-free bathroom. The brand is developing products that have the potential to be 100% plastic-free and has ditched plastic and glass containers for lightweight and recyclable aluminium bottles and tubes. They use FSC-certified materials for packaging and brochures, compostable tape and bio-fill, and aluminium screw caps instead of plastic pumps/sprayers for large refill options. Woohoo Body has earned a Plastic Negative Certification by funding rePurpose Global to recover 2x as much plastic waste from the environment as their products and warehouse operations create.
Woohoo Body is a long-time member of 1% for the Planet, donating a portion of all sales in their physical store and website to various planet-focused charities. They have recently supported organizations such as Carbon Positive Australia, Ozharvest, and the Humane Society International Australia. In addition, they have made donations to local organizations and causes and have written educational blog posts and social media content promoting waste reduction and kindness for all creatures on the planet. The brand strives for inclusive marketing and welcomes everyone to their products.

Product reviews from our experts…


Packed with all the super hydrators this one has stayed a permanent fixture in my handbag. I love the chunky stick that can cover both lips at once. As an adult braces wearer, an effective lip balm is gold dust and this one has been on repeat. Perfect handbag hero size – I like that it’s unscented to use in multipurpose ways and good on the kids too – Woo Hoo!

As a bigger brand it’s great to see that they have upscaled their charitable donations and initiative for giving back while also setting some high benchmarking for their production standards.

–Amy Hughes


This was an easy, moisturising lip balm that even my kids could use. It’s scent free and has staying power, which means hydrated lips for a long time. It’s a great all-rounder for anyone who suffers from mildly dry or dehydrated lips. The short, fat paper tube is also the format I most love seeing lip balms in nowadays. It means I don’t have to feel bad about throwing away a plastic tube with product left at the bottom when I’m done and it’s easy to get full coverage in one go.

The fact that they’ve earned the status of officially Plastic Negative is to be applauded. They recover twice as much plastic from the environment as they produce – so bravo! Beauty is a notorious plastic polluter. More beauty brands need to become Plastic Negative! It’s also commendable that they pay above-award-rate wages and that they are careful not to source ingredients from countries where child labour is practiced. They are part of the 1% For The Planet initiative, where they donate 1% of their total turnover to the charitable endeavour – this is wonderful!

–Jessica Teas


We could lather our lips in this product, they felt extremely hydrated and it was long lasting! We also appreciated the many organisations this brand is involved in and helps, as some of these organisations are close to us also.

–Kirstie + Sarah

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