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Worthy – Sugarcane reusable drink bottle 750mls



Worthy bottles, made in Australia from 100% sustainably grown Sugarcane, are lightweight, durable, non-toxic and dishwasher safe. They are carbon-negative and zero waste at manufacturing.

Made from 100% sustainably grown sugarcane and its resin.
The sugarcane resin used by Worthy is grown and harvested ethically and sustainably in Brazil with the company Braskem, who have various regulations in place to ensure fair wages and good working conditions for employees. The bottles are made in Melbourne and the brand regularly visits manufacturers to ensure ethical and sustainable practices are being upheld.
Worthy emphasizes sustainability in its production process. Their bottles are made from sugarcane, which captures carbon and releases oxygen while growing. The manufacturing process is powered by green energy and any broken parts can be turned into new sugarcane products to achieve zero waste. The brand also repurposes every bit of resin during production and uses eco-friendly packaging, including compostable materials and biodegradable stickers and tape. Worthy has scaled its business in a sustainable way, being selective in who they work with and the amounts they produce.
Worthy donates 10% of every bottle sale to Vision Rescue, a non-profit organization helping women and children living in the slums of Mumbai where the founder volunteered first-hand. The brand also partners with local non-profit RAMS to run resilience programs for at-risk adolescents and supports Project World to build a new hospital in Uganda. Additionally, Worthy's founder, Ang, speaks and facilitates a dream workshop to inspire individuals to achieve their dreams through resilience. The brand also gifts bottles and tote bags to adolescents.

Product reviews from our experts…


The Worthy Sugarcane reusable drink bottle is a nice lightweight bottle which is perfect because you don’t want to be carrying around any extra weight. The bottle has a modern design with its widely spaced stripes. I also love that the bottle is made in Australia from sustainably grown sugarcane and that the business donates sale proceeds.

–Fiona Morouco


The bottle has a fun design, setting it apart visually from other bottles. The smaller size and light weight makes it the perfect size for adventuring both for myself and my child. I appreciate how Worthy has a profit for purpose business model where a consistent 10% of sales is donated towards a single cause. This provides long term impact and predictability for the recipient to be able to plan for the future to best use the funds.

–Montana Lower


I love that this bottle is made from sugar cane, that it’s carbon negative and that it looks, feels and works as well as plastic, without the plastic water taste or actually being plastic! I love that these bottles are made in Australia from sustainably grown sugarcane. I also love the on trend colours and that the brand contributes to social as well as environmental initiatives.

–Laura Trotta

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