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Wotnot Naturals – 100% Natural Baby Wipes


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Contains Certified organic aloe vera. Biodegradable bamboo wipes.
Wotnot utilises edible, non-irritating ingredients that are approved by Certified Organic Associations, as well as those that are high functioning and listed as non toxic on the EWG database. All the brand’s products are vegan (apart from the natural sunscreen which contains beeswax) and their natural sunscreen is reef friendly. All their products use certified organic ingredients from Australia, their product tubes are made in Australia and their wipes are currently made overseas.
Wotnot Naturals is committed to reducing waste, using 100% recyclable packaging and offsetting their carbon emissions. The brand minimises their impact on the environment by working with Carbon Neutral to measure, reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions. The brand’s premium products are made with certified organic ingredients, their wipes are made using 100% natural and biodegradable bamboo fibres and are certified 100% compostable. Their tubes are made using 30-40% recycled content, which is FDA approved for direct food contact. They use green energy from solar farms to manufacture these tubes.Incredibly, their travel wipes cases are made from recycled toothbrushes!
Wotnot donates a percentage of profits from their natural baby range to Bear Cottage Children’s Hospice and a percentage of sales from their organic beauty range to Women’s Community Shelters. Every year, Wotnot also assists with the planting of trees in deforested areas.

What our experts say...


These wipes are great, they are durable, not too wet, have a great seal and don’t tear easily. I like that these wipes have soothing aloe vera, and a subtle smell. I would happily purchase these. The packet is the perfect size for a nappy bag. I love that the majority of Wotnot products are manufactured in Australia, using organic Australian ingredients.

–Samantha Gilmore


Wotnot’s baby wipes were a pleasure to use and non-irritating on my child’s skin. I loved that the brand’s packaging is a bright green, making them highly visible in my nappy bag! I love that Wotnot supports children, women and the environment which are three causes I care deeply about.

–Hannah Gay


I love the large size of these wipes and that they are so easy to pull out and don’t get stuck to each other. It makes it so much easier to use when wipes pull out smoothly and one wipe at a time. These wipes are lovely and soft and I love that they are 100% biodegradable! I love that Wotnot have not only created carbon neutral, 100% biodegradable wipes, but are also really thoughtful about the causes they support.

–Emma Meyer

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