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Wotnot Naturals – 100% Natural Nappy Rash Cream & Baby Balm


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, mostly organic ingredients. Contains Certified organic aloe vera, chamomile and comfrey oils and pawpaw extract.
Wotnot Naturals use Certified Organic ingredients from Australia that are non-irritating and high functioning. The vast majority of their products are vegan.
The Wotnot collection is made with a commitment to reducing waste, using 100% recyclable packaging and offsetting carbon emissions. Tubes are made using 30-40% FDA-approved recycled content and are manufactured using green energy from solar farms.
A percentage of profits is donated from the natural baby range to Bear Cottage Children’s Hospice, which runs important programs to support terminally ill children and their families.

What our experts say...

Minimal packaging upon delivery. The consistency of the cream is lovely, soothes irritated nappy rash well, scent is subtle, I love the packaging and it stood out against competitors. It kept the skin dry whilst treating. Would possibly like to see this in a bigger size, as I tend to use creams everyday to try and prevent nappy rash where I can. Perfect nappy bag size though.

I love that the majority of the brand’s products are manufactured in Australia, using organic Australian ingredients. I love their focus as a company is always on finding ways to minimise our impact on the environment. A big thing for me is the charities that they donate to – a wide variety and all close to my heart.

– Samantha Gilmore

The Wotnot Naturals nappy rash cream formula is buttery smooth and absorbs into the skin fast, making it a desirable option for a busy toddler or wriggly newborn. I liked that it isn’t only a nappy rash cream, but can be used for bug bites and abrasions. I found myself reaching for this product when packing the nappy bag for an outing.

I really value the thought behind ingredient selection and the production of the packaging. A tube is a convenient packaging style for a nappy rash cream and I appreciate the time taken to reduce their impact.

–Shannon Rafaelli

I love how versatile Wotnot’s baby balm is, from helping heal nappy rashes to soothing insect bites. To me this is an important part in helping reduce waste and keeping our home decluttered. The rich cream spreads well over the skin, soothing and protecting the area from moisture. I love the addition of tea tree oil to help aid in supporting the skin to heal.

I love Wotnot’s approach to their ingredients ‘is it edible? it’s in!’. How amazing is that! It is so wonderful to see their use of organic ingredients and biodegradable materials, while also continuing to impact the lives of women and families in need through donations. Their carbon neutral efforts and commitment to planting trees is a wonderful devotion to supporting our planet.

–Teodora Tinc

Richly moisturising and leaves a fine zinc free barrier of protection, making it a great nappy balm for cloth nappy users. With tea tree to give assurance that a red bottom won’t turn painful and paw paw, chamomile and aloe vera for their soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, this is a really well thought out formulation. It’s also great for insect bites!

– Emily Fletcher

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