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Wotnot Naturals – 30 SPF Natural Baby Sunscreen


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Contains zinc oxide, jojoba oil, sesame oil and aloe vera. No nano-particles. Suitable for babies 6 months +. SPF 30.* *This product contains sesame seed oil. If you have a baby/child with a high risk of a food allergy or eczema, it is not recommended to use this product until they are eating these foods in their diet and show no allergy. Studies have shown a link between the application of a potential food allergen repeatedly onto the skin and food allergen sensitisation. This increases the potential for severe food allergic reactions when the food is actually eaten. This is especially relevant for a child with a high risk of food allergy and also those with eczema.
Wotnot Naturals use Certified Organic ingredients from Australia that are non-irritating and high functioning.
The Wotnot collection is made with a commitment to reducing waste, using 100% recyclable packaging and offsetting carbon emissions. Tubes are made using 30-40% FDA-approved recycled content and are manufactured using green energy from solar farms. The natural sunscreen is made using a specially formulated natural zinc oxide active, is free from titanium dioxide and is non-nano meaning it's reef-friendly.
A percentage of profits is donated from the natural baby range to Bear Cottage Children’s Hospice, which runs important programs to support terminally ill children and their families.

What our experts say...

Zinc can often be incredibly drying on a baby’s skin, so I love that this is such a nourishing and moisturising formulation. Super gentle and perfect for sensitive and dry skin, this is a lovely sunscreen. I really appreciate that a portion of the tube is made from recycled plastic and the tube is manufactured from solar energy.

– Emily Fletcher

I’ve been using this sunscreen ever since my kids were babies – it really does tick all the boxes: natural, reef safe, protective and nourishing. I love Wotnot’s efforts to be carbon neutral and to give back to society through a variety of causes.

– Emma Freeman

With a mild smell which was not overpowering, this sunscreen is thick and leaves the skin feeling fresh even after multiple uses over a day. Reef friendly, recyclable materials are used for packaging and emissions are off set.

– Mikaela Hanson

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