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Wrap’d – Wrap’d


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. FDA approved food-grade silicone.
Wrap'd is manufactured in China by a professional and well-established business, specialising in one-stop product manufacturing, assembly and packaging. Their experienced team ensures quality product runs and meets external quality check inspections every time.
Wrap’d is fully reusable and removes the need for disposable food/wrap packaging such as plastic film, foil or paper. It’s packaged in recyclable card and sent in mailing boxes that are 100% plastic-free. Wrap’d also order higher quantities of stock less frequently, reducing their global transit footprint.
Wrap’d offer product donations to fundraisers and collaborate with local schools, helping them adopt zero-waste practices and teaching children about the importance of making reusable choices. The brand also supports occupational therapy/assistance centres with Wrap'd as a therapy/developmental aide.

What our experts say...

Wrap’d is a clever product that enables children to make healthy eating choices on the go without all the mess. Wrap’d is easy to use and clean. There is no waste with this product and it replaces waste products like gladwrap. I love how the product can be used to assist / support children with developmental or sensory needs. Collaboration opportunities with schools is a clever application of this product and one that could be very successful.

– Mikaela Hanson

So clever! And much easier to use than wrapping things up in foil. I also love the name stickers it comes with, as I’ll be sending it to school with my son when school is back on. I love that they offer eco-friendly prizes and get the school canteen involved, because with my son in school I love to see other parents being shown eco-friendly tools also.

– Shara Osorio

I’m always on the lookout for how I can make my 6 year old daughter’s lunch more interesting – without having to increase my own workload dramatically and this has been such a success! So easy for children to use and enables them to put wraps down and pick them up without them spilling everywhere. I’ve also used it at dinner to help my 3 year old eat a burrito without it all coming apart. I love that it can be gradually opened and also sealed again. What a well designed and executed product!

– Emily Fletcher

A fantastic alternative to cling wrap or tin foil around lunch wraps or sushi rolls. My 5 year old finds it easy to open and close and loves the blue colour. I appreciate that this product is zero waste.

– Emma Freeman

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