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Wyld Alchemy – Herbal Remedy Cleansing Gel



This cleansing gel effectively removes impurities and sebum, reducing blackheads and acne, while providing hydration to the skin.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients. Includes extracts of green tea, spirulina, echinacea and witch hazel.
Wyld Alchemy uses eco-certified ingredients to create its products through small batches in a laboratory located inside the salon. The brand uses labels that are easy to read and does not use common allergens such as nuts and gluten-free. Additionally, the brand is vegan and has ethical practices.
Wyld Alchemy uses opalite glass packaging for their products, which is durable and recyclable. They also sell biodegradable refills and have throwaway packaging without ink or plastic, making it easily recyclable. Additionally, the brand uses palm-free or sustainable ingredients in their products.
Wyld Alchemy supports local charities by providing vouchers and products for events to raise money. They also aim to reduce their carbon footprint through the Sustainable Salons program for their wellness spa. In addition, they network with their clients to support local small businesses.

Product reviews from our experts…


I loved the Herbal Remedy cleansing gel from Wyld Alchemy – incredibly clean, vegan, palm-free ingredients, and it felt like a dream on my skin. It cleans well but my skin still feels soft and moisturised after.

As a designer and plastic-avoider I absolutely LOVE the white glass bottle, and that they sell biodegradable refills. Made in their own salon in Toowoomba (which is part of the Sustainable Salons program), this cleansing gel is gorgeous all round!

–Kelley Sheenan


I absolutely adore the herbal qualities of this therapeutic cleanser, which is made up of some really spectacular ingredients such as green tea, spirulina and calendula. The cleanser leaves your skin feeling noticeably smoother and the solid white marble look pump bottle is a pleasure to display on the bathroom counter.

I love that Wyld Alchemy uses glass packaging for their products, with the option to purchase biodegradable refills. I am also impressed that the brand uses palm-free and sustainable ingredients in their products.

–Dominique Scott


I like the bottle ( the quality, weight and the pump), the smell and consistency of the product. And the way it cleans without stripping. This brand goes above and beyond with the packaging and I love their refillable options. This is amazing for such a small brand!

–Natalie Sellars

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