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Yalumba – GEN Organic Chardonnay 2022



Yalumba GEN Organic Chardonnay is a certified organic wine crafted by Yalumba with over 172 years of sustainable practices. The vineyard embraces minimal intervention to allow nature’s influence in creating a better future.

Made from excellent ingredients. 100% certified organic by Australian Certified Organic.
Yalumba has a sustainability program called "the next 5" which focuses on five pillars: Viable Planet, Prosperous Community, Thriving Workforce, Resilient Terroir and Responsible Governance. They prioritise sustainable vineyard practices, organic and biodynamic farming, social responsibility, animal welfare, packaging, recycling and hold certifications such as ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 to ensure accountability and transparency in their ethical standards. Yalumba aims to inspire others to join them in this sustainable and responsible approach.
Yalumba, is based in Australia and has been developing a sustainable viticulture programme since the mid-1990s and joined the Greenhouse Challenge programme in 1999 to reduce emissions at every stage of the winemaking process. The brand is accredited by Sustainable Winegrowing Australia and is a member of the International Wineries for Climate Action, which holds the company accountable and supports its commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Yalumba has committed to Australia’s National Packaging Targets of 100% recyclable or compostable packaging by 2025. The brand also uses organic, vegan-friendly and wild fermentation practices to minimise its impact on the natural environment during its winemaking processes.
Yalumba has a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy which includes food safety, anti-bribery and modern slavery, data protection, human rights and fair labour, health and safety, diversity, sustainable winemaking and viticulture, energy and emissions management, waste management, local procurement and employment, and responsible consumption. The policy provides transparency in their business practices and outlines expectations for suppliers, contractors and partners. They maintain various certifications including HACCP, BRC and ISO, and support the wine industry through representation across industry boards and forums. Yalumba believes that collaboration and sustainability are key to the success of the industry and their business.

Product reviews from our experts…


This was a nice, big Chard, buttered popcorn notes, lovely! Overall I’m most impressed with the brands focus on finding the most ethical practices available, that they are industry leaders and that they ensure accountability and transparency through independent ethical standard accreditors.

–Veronica Milsom


Hard to go past a lovely chilled Chardonnay on a sunny afternoon, and I was fortunate enough to enjoy this lovely drop with friends on such an afternoon. Everyone enjoyed it, fruity and easy to drink. I love the Biodynamic farming practices, and a company wide commitment to farming and producing in a sustainable way.

–Josh Reid Jones


It was entirely drinkable, rich and balanced on the palate and with appealing colour and delicious texture. Drinking organic wines definitely feels cleaner in the body. I offered it to guests who also enjoyed it very much. Allowing nature to work its magic is definitely a concept that sits with me and how I approach my own life choices, and health. This commitment to organic certification is rare and valuable in the more established brands in Australia’s wine industry.

–Alena Turley

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