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Yinn Body – The Body Oil



The Body Oil is a carefully formulated product designed to provide support in relaxation and self-care. It comprises a blend of organic massage oils, resulting in soft, hydrated and smooth skin. Perfect for massages, moisturizing, or adding to a hot bath.

Formulated with excellent clean, mostly organic ingredients including organic jojoba, sunflower, coconut, hemp seed and rosehip oils.
Yinn Body is a sexual wellness brand that formulates its products using natural and organic ingredients, with a focus on promoting feelings of safety and surrender during intimate moments. Each ingredient used is ethically sourced and chosen for its specific purpose and small batches are manufactured in Sydney, Australia. The brand also uses vetiver oil to relieve feelings of anxiety and stress.
Yinn Body has designed sustainable packaging for its Body Oil product, consisting of a cardboard cylinder that protects the glass bottle. The brand has also chosen to use Hero Pack's compostable packaging for shipping, which aims to eliminate single-use plastic from all packaging by using compostable mailers, tape and labels. Yinn Body's sustainability efforts align with its focus on producing eco-friendly and all-natural skincare products.
Yinn Body aims to empower people of all genders to explore and embrace their authentic sexual experiences in order to transform their relationship with themselves and others. The brand provides a new type of sex education by publishing weekly articles on The Journal to educate and empower individuals and is focused on helping people connect with their personal and evolving definitions of pleasure.

Product reviews from our experts…


The Jojoba, Sunflower, Coconut, Hemp Seed and Rosehip Oils are a nutritious combination for increasing skin elasticity and glow. I also love the packaging and that it’s created in small batches with a conscious approach. I also like their commitment to helping people reduce anxiety and stress.

–Neha Hobson


Feels lovely between the fingers, a subtle and sweet yet grounding scent. The dropper allows you to apply the oil directly to the skin (or that of your lover!). I also love that this brand’s mission is sexual empowerment through educational content and products.

–Emma Freeman


I love, LOVE this body oil it smells oh so good that I don’t need to wear a perfume after using this. The packaging and brand vibes is also very much on point so that tickles my fancy too. The natural clean ingredients absorb nicely into the skin and don’t leave a filmy layer like some other brands do.

I also like that there are no unnecessary ingredients or fillers, just organic goodness and packaging that is kind to the environment – From the retail tube to how it arrived in the mail, love that!

–Lee Sutherland

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