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Yogi Peace Club – Desert Sand Yoga Mat and Printed Strap



The Desert Sand Eco Yoga Mat features a base made of 100% natural rubber and a printed grip top created from recycled plastic bottles, increasing stability and reducing the risk of injuries. Certified by Global Recycled Standard and Control Union. Produced in limited quantities with ethical partners.

Made from upper: rPET made from recycled water bottles. Base: natural rubber.
Yogi Peace Club has established a trusted and transparent working relationship with its vendors, which includes ethically accredited factories in China, India, and Australia for the sourcing and production of their yoga mats and garments. The cotton used in their garments is certified organically sourced and ethically made, while the printed garments are made from recycled plastic polyester and spandex. The brand participates in The Fashion Revolution's "I made your clothes" program and all production arrives via sea freight to support slow and sustainable practices. The brand holds Control Union Certification and Global Standard Certification from their factory partners.
Yogi Peace Club is a women-led team that offers high-quality, non-slip yoga mats designed to have the least possible impact on the environment. The mats are made from 100% tree rubber and recycled post-consumer PET plastic and they do not contain heavy metals, toxic glue, latex, silicon, and phthalates. The brand seeks to educate consumers on the negative effects of PVC mats and provides tips to maintain and repurpose mats to promote a longer life cycle and reduce waste. Yogi Peace Club ships its products in eco-friendly packaging and strives to eliminate plastic packaging from its suppliers whenever possible.
Yogi Peace Club is a purpose-driven yoga brand that creates sustainably made and functional yoga products while giving back to Carbon Positive Australia. The small business is committed to building an authentic community of like-minded yogis and promoting wellness through its website, social media, and corporate social responsibility efforts, which include donating yoga mats to local schools and supporting women's yoga retreats. The brand, which practices mindfulness and yoga daily in the office, also aims to offer working mothers a fulfilling work-life-family balance through flexible work hours and mindfulness practices.

Product reviews from our experts…


The persian rug design of this mat is just so cool, it’s become my new favourite mat and I get compliments all the time at my yoga studio. The textured surface provides just the right amount of grip and no-slip! I also love the whole vibe of Yogi Peace Club branding – they have nailed it!

How cool that it’s made from recycled water bottles! It’s a nice full circle moment for the thirsty yogi. I also love the idea of slow shipping (very patient and zen-like!) and donating to schools and retreats.

–Sigourney Cantelo


Prettiest mat by far! I loved using this and it had a nice grip but the design is what has it in the bag for me. I feel like I am practicing on a magic carpet. Pretty good grip and nice feel. Maybe a little smaller than I am used to – loved the carry strap too!

I love that it is made from 100% recycled plastic and the beautiful top is crafted from plastic bottles! Also not mass produced so a big thumbs up!!!

–Fiona Noonan


This mat is so beautiful that it truly feels other-worldly and like I’m about to go on a magic carpet ride. What I love about this is that for some reason the joy doesn’t leave me and I carry it into my practice. The mat surface is beautifully smooth, though if you did need more grip in a hot vinyasa flow, you could easily flip it and the underneath provides all the grip you could possibly need. I really appreciate the high quality and sustainability of the materials which make up this mat as well. Highly recommended!

–Emily Fletcher

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