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Zea Australia – Kunzea Bath Salts


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes epsom salts and lavender and ylang ylang essential oils.
Zea products are manufactured in Australia - ensuring all processes abide by the relevant regulations and standards. The brand is committed to creating products with natural, eco-friendly and Native Australian ingredients. Over 98% of their ingredients are natural and many are organically grown in Australia. The brand also aims to work with manufacturers, suppliers and farmers that commit to fair trade practices.
The Macrobiotic Sea Salts within the Kunzea Bath Salts are hand-harvested and sustainably sourced, fresh from the pristine waters of the Great Barrier Reef. Where possible, the brand works with farmers, manufacturers and suppliers who are committed to sustainable farming and do not use artificial fertilisers, pesticides or GMOs when harvesting crops. Many of their suppliers are also COSMOS and cGMP certified. Zea Australia minimises plastic use in order packages and strives to keep their packaging and boxes environmentally-friendly. The brand is also committed to sourcing and manufacturing products locally in Australia to reduce transportation related carbon emissions. In January 2022, Zea was officially B Corp certified.
Through 1% for the Plant, Zea Australia donates 1% of all their revenue to help support environmental and social non profits that are committed towards driving positive change for our planet. These include (but are not limited to) the following: Planet Ark, Karrkad Kanjdji Trust, Greenfleet, Ozharvest, Wheen Bee Foundation and Sea Shepherd. Zea Australia are also currently working with Tyson Holloway-Clarke, an Aboriginal consultant and educator, on their Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), which involves setting a framework for developing commitments towards reconciliation.

What our experts say...


I really like that the scent of this product isn’t too overpowering, it is sweet and subtle. It dissolves really nicely and quickly and leaves the skin feeling soft and nice. I love that they work closely with farmers to source their Australian ingredients and that they ensure safe and good workplace practices. I also love that they donate to charity and that they are working closely with a member of the indiginous aboriginal community to create a RAP, which I believe to be very important.

–Stephanie Kurlow


These salts were totally relaxing. The smell was absolutely divine. I had no idea that macrobiotic salts would be good for me – all I know about macrobiotics is that they eat a lot of umeboshi plums! They dissolved quickly and I had to make sure that my husband kept checking on me because I was so relaxed I worried I would nod off in the bath (not advisable to sleep in water). My skin felt wonderful after use and the achiness that I’d been walking around with was noticeably improved. I really appreciate that they are working with an Indigenous consultant to best inform their practices. The hand harvesting of the salt is impressive.

–Emily Ehlers


This product is a highly effective muscle relaxer. It truly stopped my legs and arms from being as sore after a long day in the garden. I also used this after leg day and was so glad I did, I’m not sure my muscles would have recovered quite as well if it hadn’t been for these Kunzea bath salts. They are also really easily dissolved and didn’t leave a residue in the bath which I appreciated a lot.

–Samantha Christian

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