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ZONE by Lydia – Listening to Country Cork Yoga Mat


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. Sustainable cork and natural rubber.
ZONE by Lydia uses toxin and plastic free materials and manufactures their products in China, with certification of fair work practices.
The brand uses cork and natural rubber for their sustainable and renewable qualities. Their packaging is plastic free and kept to an absolute minimum.
The Listening to Country range has been specifically developed to celebrate and share in Indigenous culture by exploring the concept of being in the ZONE from an Indigenous perspective. From each sale of this mat, the brand donates $10 to various Indigenous charities across Australia. So far they have donated to Firesticks Alliance and Fair Game. The brand’s blog reflects the reasons why they wanted to create this range.

What our experts say...


Reviewing this mat has come at a divine timing for me as I’ve been learning about “Listening to country” through reading, connecting with my local Aboriginal community and listening to and connecting with my natural home and its creatures. I had never thought about bringing this intention into my yoga practice, but doing so has made me realise how aligned these two acts are. The mat itself is soft and grippy and the beautiful design brings colour, culture and connection to my practice. It’s really worth hopping onto Zone by Lydia’s blog to watch the video with the artist. I love that the materials used are sustainable, renewable and unharmful to trees and that $10 of every sale goes to Indienous initiatives.

–Emma Freeman


It feels softer than other cork mats I have used in the past, which enables my hands and fingers to find better grip. I love that this mat provides the option to be flipped to use the rubber side if I did need extra ‘grip’ for my practice. In addition, this brand has yoga mat sprays that you can lightly spray your yoga mat with prior to practicing to ensure the cork becomes grippy to support your practice. Cork is the most sustainable material choice for a yoga mat, and ZONE by Lydia have created the perfect solution to overcome the ONLY potential downfall of using a cork yoga mat (slippery hands!). I love that ZONE by Lydia created their Listening to Country Range in collaboration with an aboriginal artist. It’s important for each of us to recognise, appreciate and celebrate the rich culture of the indegenous peoples, the true custodians of our land. Giving voice and showcasing their gifts is necessary as we evolve as a society.

–Melissa Mai


I hadn’t expected a pattern to change my practice… but it’s those times holding poses, when the mind wanders and you draw it back with your breath and focus your intentions where the magic happens – at least for me. From the top to the bottom of this mat is a beautiful artwork, the most striking element for me is the blue wavy line running right the way through – representing the river of life and the flow of positive energy, complete with obstacles where the river needs – and does- find ways around. In this difficult year, I found this a powerful message to bring into my daily routine. The mat itself is a pleasure to use – it has a grippier side if needed and it has lots of room. I am so grateful for its pure materials – simply cork and natural rubber and I love that $10 from the sale of every mat goes towards various Indigenous charities. Highly recommended.

–Emily Fletcher

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