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ZONE by Lydia – Cork Yoga Mat


Made from excellent sustainable and non-toxic materials. 100% cork and natural rubber.
Zone by Lydia yoga mats are non-toxic, as well as sustainably and eco-consciously made in China. The brand has certification to demonstrate that their manufacturers in China are treated and paid fairly.
Zone by Lydia are Climate Neutral Certified. Their yoga mats are made from sustainable and 100% biodegradable materials (cork; natural rubber) and contain zero plastic or toxic chemicals. The brand also uses plastic free packaging, with all yoga mats arriving in recycled cardboard shipping tubes in order to minimise packaging materials and waste.
Zone by Lydia have offset their carbon emissions by investing in Nature based climate change initiatives - namely reforestation and soil regeneration.

What our experts say...

I love that the packaging and postage of this product is 100% recyclable and the yoga mat itself is 100% natural and biodegradable. It is light to carry and the natural colour of the cork is beautiful. Cork is the perfect material to use for a yoga mat as it is sustainable, non-toxic, antibacterial and non-slip for those who like a sweaty practice. I particularly resonate with the choice of cork as it can be harvested without harming the trees.

– Melissa Mai

My favourite thing about this incredible mat is how I can change the grip depending on my practise, by which side I use. I also love that it is extra wide and have found the markings really useful to guide my symmetry in poses. Made from sustainable and biodegradable natural materials, I don’t think it can get much better than this!

–Emily Fletcher

This divine yoga mat not only looks beautiful, but it’s soft and grippy with markers to assist with alignment, which I find really helpful when moving into standing postures and down dog. Now that I’ve been practising on it for a few weeks, I can’t imagine ever NOT practising on it! And as far as cork mats go, it’s incredibly soft and durable. Loved the zero waste packaging it arrived in and that the company is carbon neutral.

–Emma Freeman

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