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ZONE by Lydia – Listening to Country – Cork Yoga Block


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. 100% sustainable compressed cork.
ZONE by Lydia uses toxin and plastic free materials and manufactures their products in China, with certification of fair work practices.
The brand uses cork for its sustainable and renewable qualities and believes it to be the premium choice for the yoga blocks as it is natural, durable and has a comfortable non-slip grip.Their packaging is plastic free and kept to an absolute minimum.
The Listening to Country range has been specifically developed to celebrate and share in Indigenous culture by exploring the concept of being in the ZONE from an Indigenous perspective. From each sale of these blocks, the brand donates $5 to various Indigenous charities across Australia. So far they have donated to Firesticks Alliance and Fair Game. The brand’s blog reflects the reasons why they wanted to create this range.

What our experts say...


This block is unique for three reasons – firstly, it’s octagonal in shape (designed to help increase depth and alignment within poses). Secondly the “Listening to Country ” illustration by a First Nations artist which assists me with connection and focus throughout my practice. And lastly, because $5 of every block sold goes to an Indigenous charity. A beautiful, mindful addition to any yoga or mat practice. I love that the block itself is made using renewable, sustainable cork.

–Emma Freeman


This is a beautiful & solid yoga block. The density feels really supportive and grounding. I love that being cork it’s naturally antibacterial and non-slip. And the indigenous artwork makes the block feel more meaningful. I love it! I love that ZONE by Lydia created their Listening to Country Range in collaboration with an aboriginal artist. It’s important for each of us to recognise, appreciate and celebrate the rich culture of the indegenous peoples, the true custodians of our land. Giving voice and showcasing their gifts is necessary as we evolve as a society.

–Melissa Mai


Not only is this block beautiful, with its meaningful connection to Country artwork, it is highly functional in its design. The weight of the block creates a stabilising foundation to my poses and also subtly works my arms and core as I move it around the mat. I appreciate the octagonal shape, so that I can always find the right height and amount of support I am looking for. I really appreciate that $5 from the sale of each block is donated to Indigenous charities across Australia.

–Emily Fletcher

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