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Why Galentine’s Day should be celebrated

A day of women empowering women and celebrating friendships. Our top tips on how to make it memorable.

Galentine’s Day is a recent phenomenon and is becoming bigger by the year. I’m not normally one to jump on board trends just for the sake of it, however I really enjoy what this one stands for, if we make it a powerful celebration of women supporting women and friendships. (It doesn’t have to be female – I’ve heard it called ‘Pal-entines Day too.)

Galentine’s Day – coined from the TV series Parks and Recreation in 2010, is a celebration described as, “The best day of the year! Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it—breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies.”

This Galentine’s Day, I encourage you to focus on empowering both the special friends in your life and also women in general, reminding each other of our ability to have a positive impact in this world, especially when we join forces. – A shout out to supporting our main woman, Mother Nature too!

Here are my favourite ideas for a conscious and memorable Galentines’ Day

Write appreciation cards

Write an appreciation card to the special people in your life and let them know how important they are to you. Tell them what you love about them and how strong and capable they are.

Give your friend’s business a plug on social media

If you have friends with businesses – full time or side hustles, use this opportunity to promote them on social media and leave a positive google review for them. Personal recommendations are so powerful, they don’t cost money and they will be so appreciated.

Create vision boards together

Get creative with your best friends and bring out magazines, scissors, markers and glue to create vision boards. By discussing your hopes and dreams, you can use this as an opportunity to share goals and support each other.

If buying gifts – buy consciously & support local, women owned businesses (this includes your friend’s businesses too!)

Whenever you spend money, remember you are voting with your wallet for the kind of world you want to support, so make sure you do it consciously. Support businesses who are manufacturing ethically, packaging sustainably and giving back to their local and global communities.

Look through the Clean + Conscious Directory to find the best conscious buys. Not only are these small businesses usually at the forefront of innovation and making wonderful products which are healthier for your body, but your purchase will be kinder to our planet and you will be able to fund some amazing initiatives at the same time too.

Hosting a party

What better than to get all your closest friends together and celebrate your friendships. This could be a brunch, high tea or dinner party. If you are hosting, make it sustainable by using nature to decorate such as plants and flowers, using reusable plates instead of disposable and making recycling and composting available and convenient. Also, encourage people to bring a container from home so that they can leave with the leftovers, so as to minimise food waste.

Sharing is caring

There are many valuable things that we can share with our besties which will bond us closer and give us insights into each other’s lives.

  • You could each choose to share your favourite inspirational quotes and self development podcasts which made a positive personal impact via Whatsapp on the day, to empower each other.
  • Organise a recipe swap – write out your favourite recipe and print out a copy for each of your friends.
  • Do a book swap – bring along a copy of a book that had a big impact on you and swap!

Volunteer together

There’s nothing more bonding than joining together for a good cause. Help out at a soup kitchen or women’s shelter, do a beach clean-up, prepare food and bring it to our healthcare workers at the local hospital or donate blood together.

Why Galentine’s Day Should be Celebrated, Volunteer together, Clean + Conscious

Learn something new

You’re never too old to learn something new, however sometimes it can be intimidating to go along to a class all by yourself. Encourage each other to step outside your comfort zone and learn something new. Maybe try a martial art, painting, a craft, dancing or a language. (At 36, I started Hapkido martial arts classes and have never had so much fun!)

Explore nature together

There’s nothing like having free flowing conversations and laughs with good friends, whilst being surrounded by the beauty of nature. Go for a hike together, hire kayaks or paddleboards or go camping. Anything which is a break from your regular activities together will create wonderful memories.

Even if you just write one appreciation text this Galentine’s Day, you will be brightening up someone’s day. Never before have we been in more need of affirming friendships, finding connection and supporting each other.

Through uniting we have so much power to support each other in having not only the best lives, but creating the best outcomes for the planet and our communities.

Happy Galentine’s Day everyone!

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