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Let’s Go Natureal

Winner of the Social Responsibility Award in the Zero Waste category

Lets Go Natureal creates positive change through their outstanding efforts to support local and global communities, reduce waste and be carbon neutral.

Lets Go Natureal have committed to giving back and donating 2% of their sales revenue to charities supporting social and environmental causes. They support organisations such as 1% for the Planet, Australian Marine Conservation Society, SeaShepherd, and have contributed to water-well projects, supporting Orphans & Homeless. The brand prefers to source their products from small businesses who provide rural employment, employment to women and support communities. They also work together with local and global communities in voicing issues that impact the environment, climate change and social issues.

Lets Go Natureal are a Certified B-Corp business and have a process in place to make sure all of their products are toxic free, ethically sourced and sustainably made. All the brands suppliers go through a process to make sure they provide fair wages to their suppliers and employees, do not employ child labour or forced/slave labour.

Lets Go Natureal ensure all their raw material are sustainably sourced, such as their FSC certified cutlery or Fairtrade certified reusable produce bags. The brand recently switched their reusable cutlery from bamboo to coconut because in this particular case the raw material was from a much more sustainable resource than sustainable, fast growing bamboo. All Lets Go Natureal products are packaged plastic-free (or recyclable in the case of their leaf tableware product). They use recycled paper, minimal printing, plant-based ink printing (where possible) and no plastic laminations on packaging. The brand also has end of life solutions for all their products and packaging. All products are shipped via carbon-neutral shipping and they reuse all the packaging that they receive in the shipping of orders and recycle all the waste they generate. All their reusable products are made to last a long time, to ensure they truly are providing a sustainable solution for the environment.


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