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The Green Collective

Winner of the Social Responsibility Award in the Home category

The Green Collective is committed to making a positive impact on society by supporting multiple causes alongside the business’ outstanding efforts to reduce and repurpose waste.

The Green Collective supports charities such as Chasing Coral, My Climate, RSPCA, Sustainable Coastlines, Forest & Bird, Trees for Bees, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre and Currumbin Wildlife Hospital. The brand also donates to local school groups, community organisations and auctions to help provide prizes or fundraising opportunities. 

The company repurposes waste products and supplies them to businesses who can use them. For example, old kites have been passed to the Cancer Society to use for post surgical purposes. The brand’s superior cloths are often custom printed by corporations, moving away from single-use plastic gifts. Through businesses gifting these to customers/clients, they are introducing them to a new habit of cleaning without micro-particles and micro-fibres. 

SPRUCE non-toxic dishcloths are made in a sustainable factory, where staff are fairly paid under some of the strictest employment laws in the world. The Green Collective utilises local production and support when possible.

SPRUCE dishcloths are sourced sustainably and The Green Collective is currently working towards EKOS carbon neutral certification. The brand’s minimal packaging is recyclable and compostable, they ensure products are not individually wrapped and tissue paper and stickers from No Issue are also home compostable. All their information is printed on recycled paper using local printers, invoices are always emailed and the brand repurposes all offcuts, straps, pallets, boxes, card, paper, thread, and packaging. The brand estimates to have taken over 5,801,718 single use plastic bags out of circulation, stopped over 60,000 plastic sponges going to landfill and no more microplastic particles going down the plug hole when doing the dishes (Based on once a week use of Goodie Bags sold and on SPRUCE lasting a minimum of 6 months heavy use).


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