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Winner of the Social Responsibility Award in the Kids category

Australian sleepwear brand Awakind was founded on a guiding principle – to create quality, inclusive sleepwear whilst educating and empowering families to give back to children in need. As a social enterprise, the brand donates 100% of profits from Awakind products to help provide homes to children in need. This is achieved through partnering with i=change, supporting Save The Children, Women’s Community Shelters and the Australian Childhood Foundation.

When a customer purchases Awakind sleepwear, they are contributing to life-changing projects that help find homes for children in need. Awakind prides itself on educating consumers and children about the lives of the children it supports. To help children understand the positive impact they can make on the world, a collection of bedtime stories can be unlocked by scanning the QR code on their pyjamas. These rhyming bedtime stories are about the real people, places and children whose lives have been touched by Awakind’s mission. 

Made in Australia using sustainable bamboo, Awakind pyjamas are designed to last. Designs are simple, gender neutral and intentionally oversized so that children can get the most wear out of each piece, handing them onto the next sibling, family member or friend.

The majority of Awakind pyjamas are made right here in Australia. From sourcing fabrics, to printing packaging locally, designing with local pattern makers, and sewing with local manufacturers. Awakind audit the hours and salaries of manufacturers to ensure all staff are paid above award wages. 


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