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No Pong

Winner of the Social Responsibility Award in the Body category

As a local Australian business, No Pong certainly takes social responsibility seriously. In the past seven years, the brand has donated over $100,000 to various charities and fundraisers, with a focus on supporting charities and fundraisers facilitated by their own customers.

The co-founder of No Pong, Melanie is a midwife and has been working in Timor-Leste with local midwives to increase education with the aim of improving outcomes for women and babies in a country where resources and outcomes are not the same as we have in Australia. Timor Leste is one of Australia’s nearest neighbours, only a 50min flight from Darwin.

Off the back of this, No Pong has started a recycling pickup and education program in Timor Leste, in collaboration with a Timor-based engineering company that is recycling plastic
waste into a variety of new building products. While No Pong itself is plastic free, they recognise that most other products are not and plastic pollution is a very real issue. The aim of this program is to provide an important recycling pickup service, the type we don’t even think about in Australia as “it just happens”, to provide education as to the importance of recycling, and to create jobs for unemployed youth in a country where unemployment is rife.

In the last year, No Pong donated over $20K to Beyond Blue, over $25k to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and nearly $15K to Share the Dignity, as well as smaller donations to initiatives and charities ranging from hiking the Kokoda Trail for charity, to helping build schools in Nepal.


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