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Synthesis Organics

Winner of the Social Responsibility Award in the Beauty category

This Australian beauty and wellness brand goes above and beyond when it comes to giving back to both society and the natural environment.

Each year, a percentage of sales is donated to support charities like Bush Heritage Australia to help preserve Australia’s most precious and wild places; and the Miriam Rose Foundation, which supports education and brighter opportunities for indigenous children. Synthesis Organics actively support local communities and broader society through charity alignments, sponsorships, donations, education and collaborations such as the Jane Goodall Foundation, Rainforest Rescue (planting and protecting trees in endangered rainforests), Sentient World Entertainment (giving a voice to animal rights), Friends with Dignity (supporting victims of domestic violence) and the Property Foundation (supporting youth at risk). 

Recently, Synthesis Organics supported local flood relief with donations of products, time and finances to the local flood-affected community in the Northern Rivers. Founder, Theme Rains, volunteered time at a trauma relief clinic and formulated a roll-on bioenergetic aromatherapy product named HELD to gift to volunteers and those affected by the floods to help them process difficult emotions. This product is also available for sale with 100% of proceeds going to Flood Relief Charity. Synthesis Organics continues to offer free workshops to help with the ongoing processing of trauma following the floods. 

For the past 3 years, Theme Rains has served as the Australian Ambassador for UN Women’s Entrepreneurship Day with a global mission of alleviating poverty through empowering women in business and lifting 250 million girls above the poverty line. Theme’s specific focus is the empowerment of women to lead sustainable businesses, ultimately for the good of all.


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