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Eco By Sonya Driver

Winner of the Social Responsibility Award in the Beauty category

Eco By Sonya Driver, an Australian-based beauty brand, embodies a commitment to social responsibility that sets it apart. Every month, contributions are made to over 20 global charities and foundations, underlining a dedication that’s woven into the brand’s ethos.

The Miracle Made Foundation, established by Eco By Sonya Driver, focuses on aiding the homeless, supporting domestic violence victims, and covering medical needs. Every cent from sales of Eco by Sonya Hand and Nail Cream is channelled to the Miracle Made Foundation. The brand’s efforts also shine in their Miracle Made Organic Face Cloths. Sustainably produced in an ethical environment in New Delhi, these cloths are more than just products. They represent a commitment to fair employment practices, offering opportunities and decent wages to those who need them most.

Founder Sonya Driver’s dedication to positive change isn’t limited by borders. In a significant move, she, alongside Michelle Leef, the General Manager of Eco Tan, provided support to a family in Romania affected by domestic violence. Their intervention wasn’t just monetary – it extended to providing shelter, ensuring education and providing food.

Receiving this award, Eco By Sonya Driver isn’t just being recognised for quality products, but for a holistic approach to business that prioritises ethics, social responsibility, and genuine care. The brand’s actions serve as a benchmark for the beauty industry at large.

The following Eco by Sonya Driver products won Gold in the Clean + Conscious Awards 2023:

Super Citrus Cleanser – Best Cleanser

Glory Face Oil  – Best Face Oil

Face Tan Water – Best Teen Skincare

Signature Eyeshdow Palette – Best Makeup – Eyes


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