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Good Citizens Eyewear

Winner of the Social Responsibility Award in the Fashion + Fitness category

Good Citizens Eyewear doesn’t just manufacture stylish sunglasses; they weave social responsibility and environmental consciousness into their very fabric. Through partnering with Avenue, they ensure that every dispatch of their products empowers people with disabilities to be actively involved in meaningful work. More than just a purchase, each pair of sunglasses sold aids in removing plastic waste from the oceans through their community-driven collaboration with ReSea.

The brand is a vocal advocate for recycling, ensuring that their message reaches the influential corridors of global fashion and politics. Having engaged with figures as prominent as the Australian Prime Minister, they’re committed to highlighting the value and potential of recycled products. Their approach extends to building a community. Each Good Citizens Eyewear customer receives a unique citizen number, binding them to a community dedicated to promoting recycling and sustainable practices.

In the realm of education and leadership, they’re not just bystanders. By engaging with global leaders from companies like Google and Tesla and delivering keynote speeches at major events, they aim to inspire change at the highest echelons. Founder Nik Robinson further cements this commitment by teaching at leading Australian universities, instilling the importance of sustainable design and production in the next generation.

As this year’s winner in the Fashion + Fitness Category, Good Citizens Eyewear stands as a testament to how fashion can harmoniously intertwine with ethics, community, and sustainability. Their innovative approach sets a path for the industry, showcasing that change isn’t just possible; it’s essential.

Good Citizens Eyewear Sunglasses won Gold + Editor’s Choice in the Best Sunglasses category of the Clean + Conscious Awards 2023.


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