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Kaiyu Superfoods

Winner of the Social Responsibility Award in the Food + Nutrition category

At the heart of Kaiyu Superfoods is a story of sustainability, community and deep cultural roots. Proudly First Nations-owned, Kaiyu is intrinsically tied to Australian First Nation’s culture, tradition and values. 

Every ingredient is locally sourced, creating a bond with local suppliers that’s transparent. Their Kakadu Plums are harvested organically by a neighbouring Northern Territory First Nations community. This not only champions quality, as attested by the University of Queensland, but also supports local employment.

Kaiyu processes their Kakadu Plums in-house, involving First Nations employees at every stage. This hands-on approach not only guarantees quality but also minimises transport miles.

Environmental consciousness is at the heart of their production. From their choice of recyclable and biodegradable packaging to planting over a thousand native plants, Kaiyu is dedicated to sustainability. They’ve transformed a once degraded mango orchard into a thriving ecosystem through regenerative agriculture, showcasing their commitment to the land.

Kaiyu extends support to fellow First Nations businesses, assisting them in the supply chain, sharing their facilities, and even promoting their products on their platform.

As the winner in the Food + Nutrition Category, Kaiyu stands out as a First Nations-owned brand promoting the power of community engagement, setting a standard for how businesses can support and elevate their communities.

Kaiyu Superfoods Plant-Based Protein- Kakadu Plum and Faba Bean won Silver in the Best Plant-Based Protein category of the Clean + Conscious Awards 2023


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