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Tips for an excellent entry into the Clean + Conscious Awards

1. Send your product promptly

Promptly send us your product sample(s) after your initial registration. Early product submission(s) ensure a thorough evaluation and a deeper understanding of your product.

2. Highlight your key strengths

When answering the social responsibility section of your entry, focus on your key strengths. We understand each company’s approach varies (depending on your size and capabilities) and we consider this carefully in our judging.

3. The info you enter will be shared with our judges

Take care and be concise when answering the questions on your entry form. The information you submit (unless labelled confidential) will be shared with our expert panel. If you are selected as a finalist, an edited version of this info will also feature on your product page within our directory.

4. Upload your best product photo

Upload a clear, well-chosen image of your product. This will be displayed on our website, social media, and if you receive a placing, with your finalist or winner’s rosette. Opt for lifestyle shots OR images with simple backgrounds, avoiding any with graphics or text.

Wishing you the best of luck! To enter now or learn more, head here.


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